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Cordone G, Lozada M, Vilacoba E, Thalinger B, Bigatti G, Lijtmaer DA, Steinke D, Galvan DE: Metabarcoding, direct stomach observation and stable isotope analysis reveal a highly diverse diet for the invasive green crab in Atlantic Patagonia. bioRxiv

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Raffington J, Steinke D, Tulpan D: Recognition of arthropod species names using bigram-based classification. preprint

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Volpe NL, Thalinger B, Vilacoba E, Braukmann TWA*, Di Giacomo AS, Berkunsky I, Lijtmaer D, Steinke D, Kopuchian C: Diet composition of reintroduced Red-and-Green Macaws (Ara chloropterus) reflects gradual adaption to life in the wild. bioRxiv


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Thalinger B, Deiner K, Harper LR, Rees HC, Blackman RC,  Sint D, Traugott M, Goldberg CS, Bruce K (2021). A validation scale to determine the readiness of environmental DNA assays for routine species monitoring. Environmental DNA. pdf

Thalinger B, Rieder A, Teuffenbach A, Pütz Y, Schwerte T, Wanzenböck J, Traugott M (2021). The effect of activity, energy use and species identity affect eDNA shedding in freshwater fish. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution pdf

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Knox MA, Hogg ID, Pilditch CA, Garcia-Ramirez JC, Hebert PDN, Steinke D (2020). Contrasting Patterns of Genetic Differentiation Among Amphipod Taxa Along New Zealand’s Continental Margins. Deep-Sea Research Part I. pdf

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